Corporate Communications is a specialised consulting firm with services within corporate and financial communications, public affairs and government relations. We also cooperate with communication agencies in Sweden, the UK, Germany and the US.



What do we do?

We provide strategic advice and operational capacity within communications. We believe the advisers who develop a strategy are also the best equipped at implementing it. This is why we work in small teams of experienced consultants who follow each client assignment from A to Z, whether it be preparing a communication strategy, writing press releases or quarterly reports, developing social media content, or any other deliverable related to development and execution of communication plans. Read more about our services. 

Corporate Communications is located at Tjuvholmen, next to the Astrup Fearnley Museum, and just beyond The Thief Hotel.


The people

Our consultants have backgrounds in business, NGOs, politics, and media. We combine extensive experience and expertise with a high level of integrity, professionalism, and effective implementation. Clear expectations and a high degree of personal freedom creates a work environment of highly motivated and result-oriented people.



Visit: Kavringen brygge 2, 0252 Oslo

Tel: +47 23 89 89 30 

Address: Kavringen brygge 2, 0252 Oslo, Norway

Organization number: 996 379 183