Team spirit, honesty and hard work

We are a team of talented and welcoming people who understand business and strategy, and provide advice based on analysis, experience and societal understanding.

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“We create the most value when both clients and our colleagues feel good. It should always be a pleasure to work with and for CC. ”

Kaia Tetlie, managing partner

Corporate Communications (CC) was founded in 2011, by three partners who still work for the company.

Our experienced advisers help clients with communications and strategy for their businesses.

This means assuring businesses and executives reach their goals by understanding and engaging with the outside world. Of particular importance are stakeholders who may be unfamiliar to many businesses, such as the media, politicians or investors.

We develop and implement communications strategies, plans and concrete measures that are based on a company’s overall strategy and goals.

Our talented team supports our customers and each other in a good way. As a partner-heavy company, in which the majority of employees own their own workplace, we believe that team spirit, honesty, hard work and integrity always pay off.

Our customer relationships are close, confidential and long-term. We deliver what clients expect, plus a little more, all the while ensuring that our advisors are thriving. For us, this is of equal importance. It should be a pleasure to work with all of us at CC.

Our values


We value, promote, and wish to be known for our high professional standards, knowledge and experience. The term ‘skilled’ also includes hard work and the ability to execute, which ensures solid results for our customers.



We want our customers to know that they can always get help from us when they need it, without exception. For us, the term ‘available’ also means that we maintain an open and direct style towards customers and colleagues.



We create the most value when both customers and colleagues feel good. It should be a pleasure to work with CC.



We run our business with high integrity. We provide realistic and honest expectations, as well as feedback. You can always rely on CC.

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Dear reader,

When we started Corporate Communications in January 2011, we asked different companies what they wanted from a brand new communications agency, grounded on customer needs.


The answer was unanimous: a professional communications environment that understands business and strategy, and provides advice based on analysis, experience and societal understanding. With the ability to execute.


They wanted stability in the customer relationship, with small and skilled teams. Always available. Always pleasant. Since its inception, we have evolved in step with our customers and their changing needs. We promise to always do so.


From the start, we have held these principles:

  • Working with Corporate Communications is, and should be, a pleasure.
  • Priority: family always comes first, then customers. Then hobbies.
  • Hard work pays off.
  • When we are not working in the market, we are hiking in the hills.
  • Always make yourself laugh at least once a day.


Everyone in Corporate Communications works and lives by these principles. It’s a solid foundation for exciting work days, satisfied customers, and a good life.


Sincerely, Geir, Petter and Håkon


(Who are all still with Corporate Communications, and couldn’t imagine working anywhere else.)

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