Stål is an experienced advisor who supports companies with media relations, analysis, strategy development and positioning. In particular, he has worked extensively with major industries, construction, IT services, banking, finance and insurance.

Stål is passionate about language and writing, and he has written two books. He is a wordsmith with expertise in copywriting, story development, and writing and presentation training.

The link between good leadership and communication is key for Stål. He holds a master’s degree from the Norwegian School of Economics, specialising in strategy and management, and a bachelor’s degree from the Journalism School in Oslo. Stål previously worked as a freelance journalist and advisor for the communications agency JKL.

As a country boy from Orkdal, Stål at 17 made the not-so-common choice to move all the way to Singapore to attend UWC South East Asia. He is exceptionally fond of cooking, especially food he that he has caught or shot himself. He and his family have a small city garden where they practice small-scale agriculture.