Geir has 20 years of experience as a consultant within finance and investor relations. He thrives when he can fine-tune the final details in a stock exchange announcement in order to boost investors’ confidence in the company he supports.

Geir takes a broad approach to communications, beyond finance and IR, by also serving as an advisor to senior executives in many companies. His expertise is just as valuable for major companies on the stock market as it is for smaller entrepreneurial companies.

Geir was instrumental in starting CC in 2011. Prior to this, he worked for seven years as a consultant and partner at Geelmuyden.Kiese. Geir also has experience as a financial journalist in TDN Finans. He is a member of the Financial Information Committee of the Norwegian Financial Analysts’ Association and co-authored The Investor Relations Handbook.

Geir graduated from the Norwegian School of Economics with a Master in Economics, and studied at the University of Prague, VŠE.

When Geir is not busy creating value for his customers, he is likely to be found riding around on his red Ducati 996 SPS.