Roger Sandum

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  • Roger Sandum, partner, is a strategic and operational communication strategist with a deep understanding for political and corporate affairs. Roger has extensive experience working with businesses and organizations within telecommunictions, energy, oil and gas, technology, industry, and education. He assists clients with a broad range of communication services, including media trainings, developing messaging and presentation skills, public relations, corporate and executive positioning, crisis communictaions, and issue management. Having worked as Secretary of both the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Education, and as a former elected member of the Akershus County Council and Rælingen City Council, Roger has a deep understanding for Norwegian politics. He previously served as a communications advisor for the Socialist Left Party, and later as Secretary for former Minister Kristin Halvorsen. In this role, he managed media and public relations for one of Norway’s most profiled and controversial elected officials, giving him deep insight into and ability to navigate the dynamics between politics and media. Prior to joining Corporate Communications, Roger spent three years at the communication agency, Gambit Hill + Knowlton, where he was a part of the firm’s political division and a leader for the policy and government relations team.



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