Roger works at the crossroads of corporate and societal questions. He is an expert in politics and societal outreach, and he has vast experience from industries such as telecom, energy, technology, industry and education.

Roger often assists clients with research dissemination, crisis communication and executive positioning, and he is a skilled media and presentation coach.

Roger has extensive political experience. He worked for the Socialist Left Party in the parliament from 2000 until 2005, and served as state secretary for Kristin Halvorsen from 2005 until 2012, first in the Ministry of Finance and then in the Ministry of Education. He has also held seats in the municipal council of Rælingen and the Akershus County Council. Prior to joining CC, he worked for three years in the societal division of Gambit Hill + Knowlton.

When working with Roger, you meet an adviser who quickly gets to the heart of the issue at hand and knows how to tackle it effectively. He enjoys his job most when he gets a group to ‘crack the code’ together.

In his spare time, Roger can often be found on a disc golf course. That is if he is not busy hunting fish with a fly rod, preferably at the cabin in Furutangen, deep in the forests of Hedmark.