Sindre assists our clients with media management and communication on sustainability topics. He develops media strategies, handles ongoing press inquiries and conducts media training.  

Through ten years of work and studies, Sindre has immersed himself in what constitutes good communication, and what that type of communication looks like. He has been part of Storebrand’s communications team, where he developed presentations, wrote scripts, produced content, and helped spokespersons and group management with internal and external communication. From Storebrand, he also has extensive experience in sustainability communication and sustainability reporting. 

He has studied culture and communication at the University of Oslo and has a bachelor’s degree in PR and communications from Kristiania University College. 

In Sindre, you get a friendly, social and sociable consultant. In his spare time, you’ll find him lost in some history book or yelling at a TV screen during Formula 1 races – against his partner’s great despair.