Kristin Brenna is a dedicated and versatile advisor with extensive experience in politics, communication, and sustainability. Before joining CC, she held positions in the political leadership in the City of Oslo for over three years, serving as political advisor to the deputy mayor for both environment and transportation, urban development, and finance from the Green Party.

Her previous roles include work at the Environmental Foundation ZERO, where she served as project leader for sustainable biofuels, managed communication for Powerhouse and co-authored reports on energy efficiency in buildings and led communication efforts for the Zero Emissions Conference.

Kristin also gained experience at Dagbladet and within the UN system as an intern for the Norwegian UNESCO delegation in Paris. She holds a master’s degree in political science from the University of Oslo and Sciences Po Toulouse.

Efficient and effective, Kristin embarked on family life early, welcoming her first of two children with Anders at the age of 20. Outside of work, she enjoys outdoor activities, gardening, and cozying up with a series under a blanket.