Jo Christian Steigedal

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  • Jo Christian Steigedal joined Corporate Communications as a Partner in October 2019. During 11 years as Vice President, Head of Investor Relations, in Schibsted ASA (2008-2019) he built a broad experience within financial communications on the national and international arena. Schibsted has during the recent years undertaken a range of large and complex financial market transactions and reorganizations, of which the demerger, separate listing and IPO of Adevinta ASA in 2019 was the most comprehensive. Adevinta was the third largest ever listing on the Oslo Stock Exchange. Steigedal also has editorial experience from working eight years in Finansavisen (The Norwegian Financial Daily) as financial reporter and leader of the finance newsroom. Steigedal is a Bachelor of Economics and Business Administration (Siviløkonom) from Handelshøyskolen BI (Norwegian Business School) and a Certified European Financial Analyst from NHH Norges Handelshøyskole (Norwegian School of Economics).



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