Julie works with corporate communication, including financial communication. She is a seasoned communications consultant with a strong strategic understanding and a track record of effectively implementing strategies.

Julie has a keen eye for identifying visual approaches that companies can use to communicate scientific, technical, or financial data in an easily understandable and persuasive manner.

Prior to joining CC, Julie spent several years working with visual communication at a design agency. In addition to her strong writing skills, she can both develop visual identities from scratch and implement graphic expressions across various platforms. She has previously aided both large and small enterprises in cultivating and managing their brand presence, including but not limited to websites, annual reports, apps, and a range of print materials.

Julie holds a master’s degree in strategic communication from Høyskolen Kristiania in Oslo, where she authored her master’s thesis on the visual strategies adopted by different banks in the private and corporate market. This was built upon a bachelor’s degree in graphic design from Ravensbourne University in London, United Kingdom. Alongside her studies, Julie worked as a freelance designer in her own business and created social media content for a publishing company.

In her spare time, Julie enjoys film, music, or true crime in various formats. She is also an enthusiastic learner, aiming to gain at least a foundational understanding of a wide array of subjects. Currently, she is focused on learning how to play billiards.