Hanna can do most anything. She has extensive experience within all that is public affairs and positioning.

Given her background as the President of the Association of Norwegian Students Abroad, Hanna has done everything from crafting a long-term strategy, to bringing the strategy to life through social media, or handling crises. She knows how to get a story to print, and, importantly, she has featured in those interview situations herself. Hanna knows how journalists think and work, and she has experience in how to deal with media pressure, whether it is a good or bad story.

Hanna is a very sociable person who loves meeting new people. She is empathetic and laughs a lot – the only thing she despises is boredom. She loves trying new activities. Although rock-climbing for the moment is her go-to, this can quickly change into something else.

Hanna holds a Bachelor in Physics from the Queen Mary University of London, and has studied German at the Goethe Institute of Berlin. She is a proper nerd, and a proud one.