Financial communications

Financial communications

Financial communication makes up a significant part of Corporate Communications’ workflow. The target groups for financial communication are both important and demanding. Corporate Communications’ advisors have vast experience with investor relations work for listed companies. Our work is characterised by acute financial skills and high precision levels. Simultaneously, we add an extra dimension to the work through or broad understanding of public affairs and the society in general. Today’s financial markets are increasingly international, and Corporate Communications has an established international network of partners in the world’s financial hubs.

Within financial communications we support our clients within three different areas:

1. Investor relations
Investor relations (IR) covers strategic and operative communication with investors and other relevant financial target groups, and contributes to making the company’ potential more visible and well understood – while at the same time reducing uncertainty. We support listed companies in areas such as:

  • Quarterly reports
  • Running the IR-function
  • Video production
  • Regulatory issues
  • Investor meetings, roadshows, etc.
  • Investor targeting
  • Capital market days
  • Corporate governance
  • Issue management

2. IPOs and transactions
Financial transactions offers complex communication challenges, and Corporate Communications assists with some of Norway’s largest transactions, equity issues and stock exchange listings.

3. Financial PR
In Corporate Communications we have an in-depth understanding of finance as well as a broad understanding of communication. This combination reaches its fullest potential in financial PR, creating synergies between IR and PR for listed companies. A company’s reputation may be improved by engaging in proactive media work based on financial information. Similarily, a strong profile in the media may contribute to increased interest from investors. This is best achieved when you integrate your IR and PR work.

Financial PR also includes advising companies within the financial sector, such as banks, fund management companies, brokerage firms and private equity companies. These clients emphasise that communication strategies and activites are founded on financial knowledge and understanding.




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