Stål Ulvin Garberg

  • Senior advisor
  • +47 91 19 09 70

  • Stål Ulvin Garberg is a senior advisor in Corporate Communications and has worked as a communications advisor since 2013. He assists clients in banking, finance, recruitment, engineering and IT services with strategic and operational support to media management, corporate communications and public affairs. Stål has previously worked as a journalist and written two books. He has a strong pen and regularly trains clients in writing and presentation techniques and media management. Stål also has long experience from reputation building for spokespersons in various companies through one-to-one coaching. He holds an MSc and BSc from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), with a specialisation in strategy and leadership, and also holds a BSc in Journalism from the Oslo Metropolitan University. Stål went attended high school at UWC in Singapore.



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