Hilde Widerøe Wibe

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  • Hilde Widerøe Wibe advises and trains leaders in public and private companies in strategic and operative challenges within communication and public affairs. She assists her clients with a broad range of communication activities from leadership and change communication, storytelling, corporate and CEO positioning and public relations. Throughout her career, Hilde has gained deep insight and understanding of political processes, most recently as Director of political affairs (2013–2018) and Director of communications (2008–2013) in Abelia. She has worked as a Vice President for governmental affairs in Telenor and project manager in the interest group ICT-Norway and the Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries. Hilde has extensive knowledge and insight into digital trends and can assist companies in change processes. In her previous roles, she has been an advisor for leaders in various sectors as ICT, research, education, consulting and organisations. Hilde is the author of the leadership book: To create purpose – a guide to self-reflection for leaders and employees. She can contribute with courses and coaching within the field of leadership communication and how to become a better leader. Hilde is an experienced speaker and chair for shorter and longer seminars and conferences, and can provide coaching for those preparing for a speech.



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