Hans-Wilhelm Steinfeld

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  • Hans-Wilhelm Steinfeld is a partner in Corporate Communications. Steinfeld offers lectures and talks on international conflicts, and he takes assignments as discussion leader and moderator. He also offers strategic assistance to companies and organizations with operations in Russia, throughout the former Soviet Union countries and the new EU member states from the old Eastern Europe. Steinfeld previously held the position as Moscow correspondent for the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK), where he worked for 37 years. He was NRK's correspondent in Moscow for 18 years, and he was previously NRK's correspondent in the Balkans, based in Budapest and Belgrade. Steinfeld is a Master of Soviet Russian and economic history (Cand.philol) from the University of Bergen, and he studied in Warsaw, Sarajevo and in Moscow in 1975. He has for several years taught at the Norwegian School of Economics Executive Master courses in international leadership. Hans-Wilhelm Steinfeld has written 12 books, and he is awarded The Cappelen Prize, Peer Gynt Prize, Narvesen Prize, The Scandinavian Journalist Award and he is the holder of the Lithuania Medal of Freedom.



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