Gabrielle Legrand Gjerdset

  • Advisor
  • +47 924 32 970

  • Gabrielle Legrand Gjerdset is an advisor with experience from NGOs and student politics. She assists clients with media relations, strategic communication and public relations. She is chair of the Student Welfare Organisation of Oslo and Akershus, which delivers services to 67 000 students. Gjerdset has also been a member of the board of the Natural History Museum of Oslo. As president of the Student Parliament at the University of Oslo in 2013-2014 she set the agenda in the Norwegian debate on higher education, and influenced the university’s budgets. She has also served as political secretary for Oslo’s Youth Council. Gjerdset has a Master’s Degree in History, and presented her thesis at the Norwegian Parliament. Her Bachelor is in EU-studies from the University of Oslo, and includes a semester at Sciences Po in Lyon, where she studied french political history.



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